Welcome to the online version of the George Bellows’ Catalogue Raisonné.

This catalogue has been compiled and organized by Glenn C. Peck.

The New York Waterfront
Glenn Peck, 2009

Everyone knows the saga of the Titanic. She represented the first in a new fleet of trans-Atlantic vessels, the Olympic Class, built for the White Star line in 1912. Her biggest assets were her three steam turbines that provided reliable power and exceptional speed. Her primary cargo was people...   View Full Essay

Bellows and the Casino at Newport
Glenn Peck, 2009

Modern tennis, as we know it, was actually developed as a social game in the 1870’s by a British officer, Major Walter Wingfield. The patented game came with rackets for four players, rubber balls, nets and posts. Originally the net was set at approximately seven feet in height and the challenge was to sustain a rally instead of besting the opposition...   View Full Essay

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